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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 19, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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it has been a very busy weekend on capitol hill over the treaty, a and, of course, do not ask, do not tell. david has more. >> after a legislative victory on the tax bill and on repealing the do not ask, do not tell bill, president obama has his eyes on a prize, possibly the biggest. >> it is about the safety and security of the united states of america. >> even so, the proposed arms- control treaty with russia would be another factor in mr. obama's
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hat. do democrats have enough votes for the passage? >> i believe we do. >> republicans believe it could restrict our ability to develop an anti-missile defense. >> i have decided i cannot support the treaty. i think the provisions are inadequate, and i do worry about the missile-defense implications. >> this was a flawed process and a flawed treaty. >> sums spent saturday celebrating the repeal of do not ask, do not tell. >> it is a great day for the country, a great day for history. >> for the first time, gays and lesbians will be able to serve openly in the military, but not immediately. one woman was discharged after learning she was a lesbian. she got her job back but has to wait, because do not ask, do not tell being and it has to be certified, and then there has to be a 60-day waiting period
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observed. and president obama is looking for a new treaty to bring out the old year. -- ring out the old year. and we have molly from the politico. it is everything but a lame duck section. -- session. >> yes, it keeps on going and going. >> they were talking about the new treaty. mitch mcconnell seemed to put a wrinkle in the democratic plan. >> yes, he said he would not support the treaty. we already knew that he was leaning against it. because he is a leader, that may mean that other republicans tend not to support it. however, democrats think they may have the votes, as senate majority leader harry reid said there will be a vote probably on
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tuesday whether to go ahead and vote on the treaty itself. >> now, if the democrats do get their way, the president would have a major victory during this lame duck session you could say one of three, repealer do not ask, do not tell, and the tax- cut bill. >> yes, a lot has happened it sort of puts into relief how little goes on the rest of the year. there was what happened on saturday and then repealer do not ask, do not tell, and like you said, last week, we had the tax issue. there is the act on the immigration boat and the obama spending bill. >> ok, do not ask, do not tell, 17 years in the making. a true victory for gay rights advocates. that said, it is not completely done yet. i mean, there is still in quite
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substantial transitional period. >> well, the actual repeal will be implemented. it will be a transition as they find out how to make a change in the policy. as he said, it has been in place for almost two decades, but, still, the president can call that the victory. and people have said they had seen the president now worked successfully with republicans. >> can he call that a victory picasso -- a victory? >> i think anytime the president sets out to do something and succeeds, certainly that has not always happened for him, so he can call that a victory. is he justified in making everybody mad at him? you had some on the right to do not like it, and certainly some of the left to do not like it. he has said, "i am not a partisan figure. i am not working for the left, and i am not coopting the
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right." >> what do you think about the new treaty? if it passes, what sort of impact do you think that will have on that analysis? >> it sort of goes to the analysis, right, that this is another priority that the president would like to cast as non-partisan or bipartisan. being politicized by both parties, certainly the democrats have accused republicans of criticizing something that ought to be relatively not commercial, and it is a big if at this point. we certainly do not know where many republican senators stand on it, and they do need a certain amount of votes to get it through the senate. >> i know you will be watching. molly, from politico, thank you. a 26-year-old faces a detention hearing on tuesday.
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fbi agents younis initially talked about building pipe bombs and putting them on a metro track. there was a love for automatic weapons. the father says his son is neither violent nor a terrorist. the medical examiner is expected to announce the autopsy results for the man who died in near a nightclub in october. he died october 15 after an altercation with some workers, including a co-owner. but the employees were initially charged with murder, but those charges were dropped as the medical examiner could not identify a cause or manner of death. the charges could be refiled against the employees, depending on what the autopsy turns up. six family members killed in a baltimore house fire will be related to rest this week. a couple, the granddaughter, and there her -- and her three children died in a fire last tuesday. the funeral will take place at a
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baltimore church. fire officials are still trying to figure out what started that fire. still to come on "washington weekly," the man once known as "the hammer" will find out his fate. i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. a clear and cold night. are you ready for some snow flurries just in time for your tu
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tom delay is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow. the former republican lawmaker was convicted of money- laundering, accused of funneling money to help elect texas people to the legislature. the punishment could range from probation to life in prison. the nation is expected to get its first peek at the 2010 census data. gary lauck and the census bureau director are holding a news conference -- gary locke. it will lead to re-drawing some lines. and the u.s. postal service listed monday as the deadline for first-class mail, tuesday for priority mail, and wednesday
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for express mail. overnight packages can be mailed as late as thursday in order to get them there by christmas eve on friday. next sunday, the redskins are in jacksonville to take on the jaguars at 1:00. then the wizards will be taking on charlotte on the 20th, and then it is the bulls. the new jersey devils come to town, and on thursday, the capitals take on the penguins in a winter classic, and then they travel to raleigh to take on the carolina hurricanes. still to come on "washington weekly," we will count down the top 10 in youtube videos. weekly," we will count down the top 10 in youtube videos.
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youtube videos of become a phenomenon, so which videos had the most people clicking their malice? kris van cleave has them. -- clicking their mouse. >> the number one video is a ntoine dodson. it became a youtube giant. it scored a spot at the bet awards, and he was able to buy
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his family in you home. this video is number two. it would shot in one take. among the top 10, a ridiculously annoying orange. and a 13-year-old and his remarkable piano recital performance of "paparazzi" was a show stopper and got over 34 million hits. and then, there is the very excited double rainbow guy. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. cannd what you're a man smell like is on the list. and then there was of little girl luging through her yard
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last year. kris van cleave, abc7 news. >> you can find our youtube list online at she was adorable, and i love the double rainbow guy, and i love the old spice guy. >> nothing like that on the way for us this week. no need to worry. take a look at what is going on. at howard university, it is chilly and feels like 70 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 10 m.p.h.. in annapolis, it feels like 16 degrees. our final stop, arlington, at the science center, a koran temperature of 25. the wind chill factor makes it feel more like 17. the high temperature today was 35.
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-- a current temperature of 25. old record was in 1884. the wind chill is at 18 degrees. x an increase out of the northwest of wind at 30 miles per hour. -- an increase of wind of the northwest at 13 m.p.h.. annapolis at 29. the wind chill factor is a lot colder than that. it feels like the teens across much of the area. this will go on through the overnight hours. definitely a cold start to our monday. the real cold air off to the north and west of us, minneapolis at 9 degrees. chicago at 11 degrees. an area of high pressure will continue. plenty of sunshine for tomorrow. the sun will have a difficult time warming us up. this will move on out of here. a bigger storm system developing
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across the midwest. winter storm warnings for minnesota, wisconsin. for us though, a few scattered snow showers around pittsburgh, garrett county. is not going to add up to a whole lot. the winter storm warning for wisconsin, minnesota. upwards of 6 to 12 inches. if you are going to minneapolis, definitely check with your air carrier. we're going to look for clouds to increase tomorrow. hopefully, the clouds will hold off. around 3: 45 in the morning, you can see it right here in the dc metro area. a clipper moves through on tuesday. here is the forecast for tonight. mainly clear, cold, and breezy. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine but still cold, mid 30's for the daytime highs.
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on wednesday and thursday, some sunshine and looking good. friday, it would be nice to have a little bit of snow. christmas day. >> keep us posted. >> will do. all right, coming up on "washingto
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one item on many people's
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wish list is an e-reader. >> they are more abundant than ever. >> i am sold. >> the kindle and other is used electronic -- and others use electronic ink, and some allow you to do other things, like search the web and read email. e-readers start around $100. >> i wanted it to do more. it is more than just reading books. >> historically, the amazon kindle is number one, but the one from barnes & noble is catching up. there are subtle differences. most notably, where you get your books. >> there are some who want to share up -- books with others
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who shop at barnes & noble. >> kindle readers stalk bears from amazon. there are kids books. one woman bought two. >> it seems like the easiest way to encourage reading. >> both kindle and nook have aversions. $139 for kindle. nook holds 1500 books. cheaper readers may require you to download books from your computer. many have wi-fi, and most support magazines and newspapers. for more detailed comparisons, you can go to our website,, and click on abc7, and
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you're interested in the seven-day, are you not? typical for this time of year. mid 30's. a 20% chance of some precipitation on tuesday. wednesday and thursday, but cloudy conditions. by friday night, we could be looking at some wintry weather, and on christmas day, how great
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